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Retains all the characteristics of veneer, 100% circular

The technical story

Finger joints in wood connections are not a new technology. In solid wood, this has been common practice for quite some time, while in veneer, only thin veneer of 0.6 mm has been used until now for the production of edge banding. Bosq has developed an innovative production method where short remnants are cleverly joined together. Up to 80% of these pieces would normally be shredded into chips or used as firewood. With WoodSaver, we transform these high-quality short wood pieces into a valuable material that can be reused in new projects. This makes WoodSaver a unique product.
The significant advantage of 1.4 mm thick veneer is the numerous finishing options available, such as deep brushing and sandblasting.

Bosq has developed an innovative production method where short remnants are cleverly joined together

100% circular

WoodSaver results in an upgrade of high-quality veneer

WoodSaver is a fully circular product and not a byproduct. The crucial distinction lies in preserving the intrinsic value of a circular product, whereas in the production of byproducts, this value is lost. The short pieces generated in our current production process are traditionally ground, burned, or, in the best case, turned into pallets. During these processes, the high-quality wood product (veneer) loses its original value and becomes a byproduct. With WoodSaver, we retain all the characteristics of veneer, resulting in an upgrade of this high-quality material, and therefore, we proudly declare that WoodSaver is 100% circular!


Types of WoodSaver®

Discover the versatility of WoodSaver: Sileä and Muuten. Each of these variants has its own unique characteristics and style, allowing you to choose the perfect wood finish that suits your project and aesthetic preference.



With Sileä, the veneer for the entire length comes from just one log. The short pieces are joined together using a finger joint. This method preserves the original veneer structure and ensures that the finger joint is almost invisible in most cases. Choose Sileä if you are looking for a sleek and seamless wood finish.



Muuten is similar to Sileä, where the veneer may come from different logs. Due to color variations, the finger joint becomes more visible. Muuten intentionally features a color deviation after the finger joint, giving the wood surface a unique appearance.

Types of wood

Natural oak

Smoked oak

Natural larch

Smoked larch

American walnut